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We are an IT consulting firm located in Lexington, Kentucky. We are a local company that is built on strong core values:

  • Enthusiastic & Personable: We are here to help!
  • Collaborative: We are a team that shares our expertise with each other and our clients
  • Do the Right Thing: Honesty, integrity and accountability for both our clients and our staff

Our passion is helping people grow. Protecting our clientele’s data is our focus, and we do it by being proactive. Our clientele goes back 20 years because we provide a better  customer service experience. What makes us different is our flexibility in working with clients and building relationships that are win-win.  Our strong core values help us retain employees and clients alike. Our technicians are personable and dedicated to the clients they serve.  Click here to see what our clients have to say about our services.

Aerial Photography and Videography Services! We now offer aerial photography and videography services with our drones. We are licensed by the FAA and insured. Our drones can make a big impact on your web and social media presence. Click here to check out our latest flights on YouTube!

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