What is ProCare Service?

It is Proactive – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in a world of ransomware and phishing attacks! Our proactive approach places you and us on the same team with the same goals: computers that work and work well. That’s the proactive approach of ProCare!

It is Professional – our company was built on the core value of “do the right thing”. With Next Century Technologies, you will get a professional at your site who will do the right thing when it comes to taking care of your technology! We will be held accountable for our work and for the care of your network. Our ProCare plans come with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that specifies our response times and what to expect from our team. Our guarantee is that you will love our professional service!

We offer four great ProCare Service plans to fit any size company and budget. In all our plans, Next Century Technologies takes care of the Microsoft operating system patches, provides antivirus software and proactively monitors and manages your network, computers, and backups to prevent little issues from becoming big issues. Add Datto to any plan to take Protection to the next level!

Our plans include:


*NEW* Business-in-a-Cloud

Who says you must have a server? Our Business-in-a-Cloud package provides a server, antivirus, MS Office including e-mail, in the cloud with trusted, secure vendors, all for one monthly investment. Do business anywhere that has an internet connection! A perfect solution for a company that has remote workers, or does not want to spend the money on a server. 

Our Silver Plan is great for small businesses that have fewer than 20 computers. It provides patch management and systems monitoring, plus antivirus for all your computers. We also provide unlimited support for your e-mail issues, and you can let us deal with your ISP when your internet goes down. We will also help you build a disaster recovery plan and guide you with purchasing the right equipment. We also throw in some extra support time to use each month so you won’t feel nickeled-and-dimed. 

Our Gold Plan takes the Silver Plan to the next level by adding unlimited support for all your applications. We also include off-site backups for your servers. We even provide a network diagram, inventory and bi-annual tech assessment. Multi-server networks, virtual environments and companies  with over 20 employees benefit the most from this plan.

Banks and medical clients have different needs. We’ve built the Platinum Plan for you! Everything in Gold plus the risk assessments, logs, reports, and extra compliance measures required for these clients. Getting audited? We help gather the reports you need and meet with the auditor to answer questions and resolve any issues found. Read more about this plan here.

Don’t Need Managed Services?

We do offer hourly rates! Many of our clients call us on an as-needed basis. We can also provide technical expertise for your in-house IT person for special projects, or provide site support if your IT person is sick or on vacation. We also act as a local resource for several national corporations whose IT staff is out of state.

Call us! We can help  (859) 245-0582

Our Expertise and Services

  • Datto business continuity and disaster recovery solutions
  • Network design and support including virtualization with both VMware and Hyper-V
  • Server installation and support
  • Desktop and server support
  • HIPAA and financial IT compliance
  • Network security
  • Video conference systems by Logitech
  • Office365 migrations
  • Wireless solutions
  • Cabling (copper & fiber)
  • Cisco support
  • Hardware and software sales
  • Phone systems (VoIP and Nortel)

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