Offsite Backups – Business Continuity

We’ve got you covered with Datto Business Continuity solutions!

Datto is the premier solution for business continuity. When disaster strikes, how quick can you get your critical data back online? What if the building is destroyed? With Datto you can recover from a disaster in a matter of a couple of hours versus days or weeks. Backups are tested nightly to test their integrity. Datto also includes ransomware detection. We have yet to find a better business continuity product on the market. 

All our Datto plans include support from our local staff and a hardware warranty.

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Don’t forget Office365, GSuite and Salesforce data! Just because its in the cloud doesn’t mean its safe

Did you know your Office365’s recycle bin files are automatically deleted 30 days after they are put in there?  That means if you delete something by accident, or someone else does it for you, you better retrieve it within 30 days or its lost forever! Ransomware loves files in the cloud. Ransomware targets the oldest, least touched files first, so it can go undetected longer. If left undetected for over 30 days, you will not be able to recover those files in the cloud.

We have a Datto backup solution for Office365, GSuite and Salesforce which offers a more robust way to protect your cloud data. Click here to learn more about how Datto protects your Office365 data.

All our backup and business continuity solutions include:

  • Data encryption (256-bit AES) meets strict compliance standards of HIPAA and banking
  • Monitoring! We will notify you if there is an issue.
  • Datto Business Continuity includes options for physical servers and virtual machines, both VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Datto Business Continuity devices are covered by warranty and serviced by our local team

Let us protect your data today!

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